Squad Calendar

Sat 8 Oct: U18NL v Surrey Rams II: 49-44

Not the game that we are usually accustomed to, by the Blackhawks youth but a win is a win ;-) The game was very scrappy, a lot of physical contact, with the Blackahwks leading all the way but never building enough of a cushion to have an "easier" afternoon. The intensity was there, a lot of hard work but, decision made not always with a clear head therefore trying too hard to finish a game that should have won with larger difference.

Jeremy and Big Al were key to the delivery of this win as they scored most of the points and were immense under the baskets in both ends of the court. The coach however, wanted them to be more efficient and clinical in their approach in the offensive end. Work in progress. Jeremy was MVP with another double-double, 15pts scored & 21 rebounds and big Al with 12pts and 11 rebounds - double-double here too!!

From the rest, Alex M. had 6pts, 3ast, 2stl but was called with 4 fouls very early so his involvement was limited, Leon had an impressive performance  with 7pts, 5stl, 2ast but ... 5 to.

Brett was quieter than usual, his shooting range wasn't there had 4pts scored, BP coming back from injury worked hard but a lot of his attempts were stopped illegally without the right calls, had only 5pts and 4stl - more to come I am sure! Luke worked realy hard when he was called on the court, had 2 offensive rebounds 1 stl and he is slowly showing that he will add the help that the team requires.

Quarters: Q1: 12-9, Q2: 7-6, Q3: 15-9, Q4: 15-20