Squad Calendar

Sun 13 Mar: U18NL v Rams 62 - 47

A superb performance by all involved! The game was played with a lot of energy and passion, at both defensive and offensive ends, intelligence (yes you read right!), beautiful to watch, ending up with a W!

The team started strongly from their defensive end, not leaving open avenues for the opposition to penetrate, being solid under the baskets, allowing them to only score 8 points. Offensively, the team had plenty of options to score, either with outside shooting, driving towards the basket from transition offense, using the bigs or focusing on individuals and playing one on one against them. Q1 finished with the Blackhawks being up by 10pts, 18-8.

Q2 was a similar affair however a couple of turnovers and not being as crisp in our finishing the Blackhawks only won it by a point, 17-16, finishing the half up by 11pts, 35-24.

Leon had one of his best games of the season with 8pts, 4stl, 3ast, 4to - hopefully more to come from him. Yao was immense with 10pts, 14rbs (7off, 7def), 2 blk, are ally good perfomance.

Before Q3 started, it was reminded to all the team how important of a quarter it is and our usual achilles heel. The team didn't need any more reminding and with a lot of energy, decision making and some cool finishing finished the quarter up 16-12! Alex was solid throughout the game finishing it with 6pts, 14rbs and 3blk (13 MVP points) and a scary figure underneath the baskets for the opposition ;-)

Q4 saw the Blackhawks team playing intelligently, managing the opposition's full court press, playing with the time when all 24 seconds in most offensive attempts, finishing the quarter 11-11.

Aleko had another superb game with 10pts, 3ast, 3stl (14.6 MVP points) was the glue between offense and defence, distributed the ball well being a thorn for the opposition in every part of the court.

MVP of the game was BP with 28pts scored, 1ast, 2stl (19.6 MVP points) and impossible for the opposition to harness. His drives through the opposition defence, his runs in transition offense, outside shooting made his coach and the rest of the team proud!!

Quarters: Q1: 18-8, Q2: 17-16, Q3:16-12, Q4:11-11