Squad Calendar

Sun 06 Mar: U18NL v Phoenix 40 - 65

The attempt to continue with another W, fell short and lasted only the first half. The beginning of the game showed that we can challenge the second team in our league. After an initial 6-0 run from Phoenix, some changes from coach steadied the ship and started pulling back. Q1 ended 13-13 at a very equal game. In Q2, the Blackhawks edged 13-12 finnishing the first half up by a point, 26-25.

In Q3 and although highlighted during the team talk by coach, didn't go according to that plan. Very static in Offence and without our normal shooting form from outside, defensively not solid as in the first half ended up losing Q3 by 20-7. Shooting was at a range of 11.5% from the 3 point line and 28.9% from the rest of the field and with Turnovers at 27 these stats, this doesn't make a good read.. Q4 continued in the same way, not being able to change mode of play, ending up with this heavy defeat. Well done to MV Phoenix and good luck in their playoffs coming up.

Quarters: Q1: 13-13, Q2: 13-12, Q3: 7-20, Q4: 7-20