Squad Calendar

Sat 7 Feb: U18NL v 7Oaks  84-60

The team didn't continue where we finished in our last game vs. Shoreham. With Alex injured, a big gap in our big line-up, the team arrived to face a very good tall 7Oaks team. However it was evident with exception of a couple of players, the rest were not mentally there.. Started the first quarter going down 19-6 as the opposition were playing a very tight defense on BP, sometimes illegally, with the rest of the team not being able to finish their attempts. The second quarter was better, finishing equal 20-20.

The biggest problem was 7Oaks's No:10 (D. Bajorinas) was a constant threat and he was scoring freely from almost everywhere. The coach adapted the team's defense to try and stop this, however not entirely possible as with the fouls kept on creeping up, the task was getting extremely difficult. Having a 2 people bench doesn't really help...

Q3 was a tough one as going down 27-13. Finished on a high winning Q4 21-18. It was a difficult afternoon with a lot of players not mentally being there making difficult to challenge a very well drilled team, sitting 3rd in our League.

Joe had 15pts scored, 3ast and 2 stl with 14.1 MVP points, Aleko 12pts scored, 4rbs, 1stl, 1ast and 10.7 MVP points, BP scored 8pts, 4ast, 7stl, 6rbs and 15.5 MVP points!       

Quarters: Q1: 6-19, Q2: 20-20, Q3: 13-27, Q4: 21-18