Squad Calendar

Sat 8 Oct: U18NL v Surrey Rams II: 49-44

Not the game that we are usually accustomed to, by the Blackhawks youth but a win is a win ;-) The game was very scrappy, a lot of physical contact, with the Blackahwks leading all the way but never building enough of a cushion to have an "easier" afternoon. The intensity was there, a lot of hard work but, decision made not always with a clear head therefore trying too hard to finish a game that should have won with larger difference.

Sun 25 Sep: U18NL v Oxford 58-47

First win of the season for the U18NL team, against a young Oxford Hoops team, with some notable performances too! After the Cup exit last week the team re-grouped and delivered a very good performance and a win in the first game in the League by 11p, 58-47.

We had 3 players with double-doubles in their stats and everybody in the team scored.

The team started slow in scoring, while trying to understand their opponents and with some good shots from the bigs close to the baskets and some penetration runs from the guards ended up the first quarter up by 20-10. Q2 went the same way with the Blackhawks holding onto the lead and never letting go, ending the first half 33-27.

During Q3, the team put the pressure on forcing their opponents into defensive traps thus offering a lot of steals to the Blackhawks and a lot of transitional buckets, winning Q3 15-7!

In the last quarter the team took their foot of the gas, ending with an 11pt win, 58-47   

Sun 13 Mar: U18NL v Rams 62 - 47

A superb performance by all involved! The game was played with a lot of energy and passion, at both defensive and offensive ends, intelligence (yes you read right!), beautiful to watch, ending up with a W!

Sun 20 Mar: U18NL v Goldhawks 67 - 40

Report to follow


Sun 06 Mar: U18NL v Phoenix 40 - 65

The attempt to continue with another W, fell short and lasted only the first half. The beginning of the game showed that we can challenge the second team in our league. After an initial 6-0 run from Phoenix, some changes from coach steadied the ship and started pulling back. Q1 ended 13-13 at a very equal game. In Q2, the Blackhawks edged 13-12 finnishing the first half up by a point, 26-25.