Squad Calendar

U16 Surrey CVL

Sunday 1st Oct. 2017

Woking Blackhawks U16 vs Cobham Cougars - 38-35

A tough, hard fought win today in the first Surrey CVL game of the season for us. Q1 started with a confident WBH performance ending 10-3 in our favour. Q2 was not so good for WBH, we let Cobham get back at us by giving away unnecessary fouls which gave them the free throw line far too often and even though they pulled back almost all of the deficit, better shooting would have given them a 5 point lead. The quarter ended 20-17 in WBH favour.   Q3 was more evenly matched with good scoring across the team and a strong defence A lot of points were left ‘on the floor’ underneath the oppositions basket due to inaccurate rebound / score attempts.  The quarter ended 29-23 to WBH.   Q4 gave us a WBH team who’s spirit won the game as much as the basketball, the game could have gone either way right up to the buzzer.   Special mentions to Sam for finding his shooting arm today from the free throw line and the corner, Karan for his 3 pointer and critical basket when it was needed plus his point guard play required Cobham to double team him for a large part of the game.   The three CVL teams we saw play today looked strong and this will be a hard fought league this year.   Thank you to all spectators who were with us this weekend and particularly to those who passed the puzzle today which was to find the venue car park, not everyone got their ‘Parking badge'.

Matt (10); Karan (8); Jake (7); Sam (6); Iskandar (5); Andrea (2); Josh; Brandon; Oliver


U16 National League

Saturday 30th Sept. 2017

Farnborough Phantoms vs Woking Blackhawks 58 - 51

The first game of the season is always difficult and today’s game lived up to that billing. This was the first National League game for all of our players and some nerves showed in Q1 with WBH being very quiet and taking very few plays to the opposition. This allowed Farnborough to take a healthy lead of some 20 points but after some good breaks by Josh we ended the quarter 24-14 with the team starting to play. Q2 things improved and after a couple of 3 pointers going in for Matt and Iskandar, some belief started to appear as the gap no longer widened and Farnborough started to realise they had a game to play. The quarter ended 34 - 26 but we had a team starting to make the plays they know and taking the quarter.  Q3 saw a 3 pointer go in for Brandon and with some steady scoring from the rest of the team we got within 2 points of the Farnborough lead at one stage only for it to widen out to 48 - 41 by the end of the quarter.  Q4 was level with both sides scoring a further 10 points with Karan taking 6 of those points with steals and fast breaks. This was a hard physical game but with some good basketball for the spectators to see and with some better rebound work at both ends and some more accurate shooting, this could have easily gone the other way.

Iskandar (11); Matt(11); Karan(10); Josh(8); Brandon(7); Andrea(2); Sam(2); Jake