Squad Calendar

U16 National League

Sunday 17th Dec. 2017

Woking Blackhawks vs Farnborough Phantoms 82 - 76

A Home game win to start the Christmas break.  Tough game for the 'home derby' against the Phantoms with what are actaully pretty closely matched teams.  Q1 saw the Phantoms take a 10 point advantage early on as we were slow to get the rythmn of the game.  However, the 1st quarter finished 17-19 as we settled in.  Q2 again went to the Phantoms 19-23 but if felt a much more balanced game by this stage.  Q3 WBH took the game back winning the Quarter 24-16 finally getting ahead in the 8th minute of the quarter.  As we have seen in other games, once ahead we held a small but critical advantage all through the last quarter finishing Q4 22-18 and a final score 82-76.

Ray(36), JoshB(10), Matt(10), Iskandar(8), Jake(6), Karan(5), Sam(4), Brandon(3), JoshS.