Squad Calendar

U16 National League

Saturday 2nd Dec. 2017

Brighton Cougars vs Woking Blackhawks 83 - 91


What a game.  If that well known beer company did Basketball games, then this would have been that game.  You have already read the result but how it unfolded was perhaps the most nail biting, exciting, frustrating and elating game of basketball I have every seen, at any level.

At the end of the first quarter we were down by 12 (Q1 26-14) and the oposition had given a perfomance in free shots and long shots that was impressive.  Coach had got the game play of the oposition and adjusted the WBH attack and defense in Q2 which ended with us 8 down (Q2 20-24).  Q3 the same work as in Q2 from WBH with coach making substituations for offense and defense, playing the press when he could and we just kept going.  Q3 ended with us 5 down (Q3 20-23).  By the  time the team came out for Q4 we could all feel we had the momentum and the Cougars were starting to feel it too and for the first few minutes we kept getting to within a point and then dropping back to 3 or 5 but in the 6th minute of Q4, Jake got those vital 2 points that gave us a 1 point lead.  From this point we never lost the lead with the final score leaving WBH up by 8 (Q4 17-20).  Ray, our point scoring machine, put in close to 50 which is a fantatsic performance but basketball is a team game and all 9 players were part of this win.  Special thanks to the spectators, I think I may have to pack a defribrillator in the medical bag in case we get another game like that.  Great day, great win - thank you to all.