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U12s at CHESSINGTON 8-Jan-2012

Based on our results in the first half of the season, we were placed in Division 1 for the rest of the season. And so we arrived at CHESSINGTON on Sunday at 09:00 bright and bushy-tailed eager to play our first double-header.

U12 v Richmond Girls 45-21

We knew that the Richmond Girls were no push-overs so coach Costas asked our players to show them the respect they deserved but always under the NO FEAR banner.
The performance during Q1 was a little laboured; mental or physical tiredness or both perhaps?
At the start of Q2, we lost Kiran to a hamstring injury. Coach Costa asked Noah to come on the court but the opposition coach objected, then walked over towards our bench, had a look and could not find any weakness and just let Noah play. What a tribute to all those players on the bench!

So, regardless of who was on the floor in the second half, the offence was disciplined yet creative and the defence was solid.
The Blackhawks remained firmly in charge and saw the game out to a 24-point win.

U12 v Brentwood Fire 84-14

So we knew that Richmond Girls beat Fire by 11 points and we had just beaten Richmond by 24 points but what happened during our game vs Fire was beyond what anyone expected.

Noah, Nate, Aidan, Max and Henry took to the floor and put on a show that forced Brentwood into a first minute time-out.
Mark and Nigel had scouted Fire beforehand and we knew that if we cut supply to a certain player, it would all dry up for them very quickly. Noah was given the defensive assignment and it all went to plan. Very pleased to say that everyone else carried out their defensive duties too which resulted in a 20-0 score after Q1.

Kiran, Denver, Lucas, Liam and Sean were next up. Coach Costas asked them to simply run our plays and enjoy themselves. And enjoy themselves they did. Kiran blossomed in the PG position and led his troops brilliantly. Not only they maintained the score difference, they added to it measurably by winning the quarter 22-6.

There was nothing to fear for the rest of the game and the Blackhawks ran the floor with gusto, confidence and deadly accuracy, winning Q3 25-2.
The big guns were rested in Q4 and everyone had a great game but Max stole the show with some great offensive positioning and stellar finishing. What was also very pleasing was that everyone looked long as soon as they received the ball and fed ball after ball to Max who simply put them away with an incredible air of confidence.
Noah sliced through Fire's defence like a knife and Denver did what Denver does best: score from under the basket.
Sean and Aidan had an inspired game, with Aidan pulling down the most rebounds and, it must be said, Denver and Noah were no slouches in that department either.

All in all, it was a great morning at CHESSINGTON. All the work we do at practice seems to be paying off, which shows how important it is to attend regularly.

Our thanks once again to the parents platoon, who tirelessly provide support and taxi services. 

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