Match Report 9th September

U10 Woking Blackhawks vs Richmond Knights 7-21

10:10 am Tip off

The first game of the new season for the Woking Blackhawks under 10 squad. It marked the start of a new beginning, both for the players and the coaching and managerial staff.

The boys met in the back of Chessington Sports Centre where Amy handed out the fresh new kit, the boys got changed and suited up. Coach Simon and Coach Joe got the boys doing a passing exercise in the café area, passing to the hand. After a few near misses and the possibility of a broken ceiling light the boys had been woken up and were ready to go. The Blackhawks team walked out on to court followed by the crowd of supportive parents. The boys did a few lay up-warm up drills and the starting five was selected. Charlie (the new captain), Omar, Oliver, Arihan and our big man Jimmy.

The game tipped off and both teams had a number of possessions and attempts. A few moments of brilliance and then out of nowhere a stunning pass from Omar to Jimmy under the basket and score, the first point of the new season and a tremendous cheer from the crowd. 2-0 to Blackhawks. A couple of near misses from Richmond however not resulting in an equaliser, meant that when the end of first quarter whistle was blown Blackhawks were in front.

The Second Quarter started with a Blackhawks ball however the Richmond 2nd five were a very strong group of players and, much to the disappointment of Blackhawks, made a run of 8 points. We soon adjusted with a few instructions from Coach Simon and Joe to the speed and then a few attempts just bouncing of the rim. A duel for the ball between the two teams left one of the Richmond boys bewildered as Josie, Mrs strong, had wrestled the ball out of his hands without even batting an eye lid. A wonderful jump shot from Aaron left the crowd gasping as it just fell short. The half time whistle was blown. 2-8 in favour of Richmond. A great effort and incredible work ethic in the second quarter Kieron, Aaron, Josie, Arihan and Carson, a big well done goes to you guys.


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