August 17 Blackhawks Pre-season Basketball Camp

Four days full of basketball with coach Costa, Tayo Ogedengbe (the Scorchers captain), Michelle Laurie (a master trainer from Beachbody) and 26 eager campers in total.
Four days, four MVPs (from L to R): Kiran C, Oliver W, Iskander S and Tom B.
Big thank you goes to Tayo for presenting us 6 hours of ball handling, passing and shooting.
Very big thank you to Michelle and her helper who gave up their time to present three sessions of hugely enjoyable basketball aerobics.
Another thank you goes to Dan and Ryan and their crew from WCS who have been so kind throughout this camp what with keeping our basketball bags overnight so we didn’t have to carry them back and forth every day and sorting out the court after we had left.

Tayo Ogedengbe ran a 2-hour clinic on ball handling and campers were graded.
Oliver Winton achieved highest mark (7.5/10).
Next was a knockout 1v1 competition during which, campers had to beat their opponent by dribbling and scoring first!
Charlie Marsh and Henry Winton made it to the final, which Henry won convincingly.
After lunch, a dynamo by the name of Michelle Laurie took the Insanity aerobics session and had the campers begging for mercy!
Coach Costas ran 3v3 tournament, which Ellis, Tom and Oliver won outright.
Undisputed MVP was Oliver Winton whose game is coming on in leaps and bounds.

In the morning, Tayo ran a 2-hour clinic on passing.
After lunch coach Costas ran the Gonzaga trapping drill and then Kyrie Irving's spin move.
Then it was competition time which culminated into an exciting final showdown between Kiran and Iskandar with the latter edging it out and thus winning today's MVP trophy! Well done to both finalists and to all those who took part.
More competition, with the Grays winning the 4v4 tournament with Oliver Winton leading the pack.

In the morning, Tayo ran a 2-hour shooting clinic.
After lunch, it was time for the irrepressible Michelle and her basketball aerobics!
Coach Costas followed that with a Shooting 21 competition, more shooting drills and scrimmage.
Camp MVP today was the ever-popular Tom Barendson.

Competitive shooting drills, the Gonzaga trapping drill, the gaining in popularity basketball aerobics by Michelle Laurie, more drills, more scrimmage and lots of fun were the order of the day.
MVP today was Kiran Coomasaru for getting on with things, showing great skills and scoring prowess, without causing any problems.
Those registered with the club, received a brand new shooting shirt for the new season.

What a great camp this was!
Looking forward to the next one in October (23, 24, 25) already.