Hunters Slay the Phantoms – ‘Devons Heaven with Forty Seven’

Blackhawk Hunters 108:73 Farnborough Phantoms

Unbeaten in their first two league games , the third game of the season saw the  Blackhawk Hunters travel to Farnborough Phantoms to compete in the first round of the Karl Taylor Cup.

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Coach Knode, whilst unhappily consigned to the sidelines as he continues to rest ongoing injuries, had a full talented bench available for this tricky fixture. With a starting five built around the skeleton of the Flyers squad the game progressed in a similar vein to the first two games of the season. In the first half the lead was never lost however the Phantoms repeatedly closed the gap down to four points, then in the third quarter the Hunters nailed down their defence to limit the Phantoms to 18 whilst going on an offensive spree sinking no less than 37 points and taking the game out of the Phantoms hands.

The pivotal hot hands scoring of Devon James contributed a staggering 47points which included eight triples, this would not have been achieved without the full support of the bench.

New recruit to the Hunters fold was Victor Estevez-Rolan who has blended into the squad and with 16 points was the second high score , more importantly helped with a dominate performance under the basket.

Smooth shooting Sam Piercy continued to prove himself as a handy shot contributing four baskets including 2 triple pointers.

Alex Braine-Porters' two points from the free-throw line did not reflect his hustling performance which proved to be a continue problem to the Phantoms. Forward Nick Sammut and Guard Dan Marshall provided speed and agility throughout the game with Dan claiming numerous steals and 10 points.

The final score of Hunters 108:73 Phantoms. The Hunters now have a pause in their fixtures until the next League game which is a repeat of the Cup game, again playing Farnborough Phantoms away.

Elsewhere in the Club all the Senior squads including the Wheelies are unbeaten. The Ladies having won their first two league games against Wolfpack and Woodley Fury and their  Cup game against Yateley Silverback Ladies , the Thunder winning their first League game against Yateley  Silverback 2 (72:63) and the Wheelchairs winning both their games against  Norwich Lowriders and London Titans.  

Squad - Alex Braine-Porter(2Pts), Dan Marshall(10pts),Dave Nuttal(6),Devon James(47pts),Matt Barr(4pts),Nick Sammut(8pts),Paul Kelly(4pts),Rick Lansdell(Capt 4 pts),Sam Piercy (8pts),Victor Extevez-Roland(16pts)