Flyers Make the Gladiators Fight

RCT Gladiators 66 – 58  Flyers

Top of the league RCT Gladiators were hosted at Woking College, whilst the Gladiators are currently the league leaders the Flyers had no intention of making it easy for them and in the end, they had to dig deep to take the win.

Flyers Go stratospheric to Bring Down Swindon Shock on the Road

Swindon Shock 70:83 Woking Blackhawk Flyers

The elusive away win was a sweet well fought game which coach Knode proclaimed  'just might be the best game yet .' and  Captain Andre Bayliss reinforced stating 'it’s all down to discipline, when the ball is moved around, people play better, opportunities present themselves , we win games!!!'

Flyers Quell the Rebels

Woking Blackhawk Flyers 83 – Plymouth Rebels 64

A dominating performance saw the Flyers take victory in the first game of the New Year. With pivotal members missing due to injury, illness and work commitments, the available squad had to play to their strengths, which they did much to the pleasure of Coach Knode.

Long Road to Plymouth Fails to Put Down the Rebels

Plymouth Rebels 82 – 78 Flyers

The 200mile journey to Plymouth was always going to make this fixture a tough one to crack. The Rebels had gone down by 19 points when they visited Woking, however the home court and a full Plymouth Squad was not going to make this fixture easy.

Storm Downs Unhappy Flyers

Flyers 71 – 76 Bristol Storm

Yet again the Flyers failed to take an away victory which was theirs for the taking. Up to half time the Flyers appeared to be cruising to a safe victory over the depleted Bristol Storm.