Flyers take a Bite Out of the Sharks

Woking Blackhawk Flyers 73:63 Southampton Sharks

Game on for the penultimate home game of the season.  With the injured Coach Knode firmly consigned to the bench he was able to  give 110% to coaching the squad who by this stage of the season have become a tightly knit unit.

Sharks won the tip and sunk the first basket taking the lead for the only time in the game. The Flyers rapidly got into their stride and went on a 11 point run. Sharks called a time out and steadied their play which resulted in them having only a 4 point 17:13 deficit by the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was ten minutes of 'nip and tuck' play with the honours evenly shared and the Flyers maintaining their 4 point lead at the half.

The third quarter as however decisive, Coach Knode reverted to the starting five of Marshall, Johnson, Mathema, Price and James. Demanding full on offence and tight defence , which is what the squad provided. For the first 6 minutes the sharks were restricted to 2 points whilst the Flyers went on a 12 point rampage. Marshall played the fast break, Johnson activated his long game wit a clean 3 pointer and the full squad provided an impenetrable defence – Knode was ecstatic!!! -at the last break the Flyers had a 14 point lead 52:38.

Both squads were fired up for the last ten minutes, the Flyers were not in any mood to let off the pressure and the Sharks were only able to close the gap by two points giving the Flyers the victory

After the name Coach Damian Knode stated  ‘Best defensive game of the season gave us the 10 point win’ and Captain Andre Bayliss ‘We fought hard and stuck together to win’

MVP for the Flyers was Dan Marshall with 18 points, 4 rebounds , 10 assists  and 2 steals. Devon James claimed high scorer with 22 points and Rhys Johnson, Tom Peters, Jack Price all claimed 8 points. Craig Mathema and Richard Green provided awesome hustle and support on the court not fully reflected in the stats .Captain Dre provided the steady had of experience.

Whilst both sides had similar field goal shooting statistics, it was at  the free throw , which so often before had been their downfall, was significant with the Flyers sinking 10 from 13(77%) whilst the Shark only claimed 5 from 23 (22%) 

The Flyers play their last league game next Saturday hosting Bristol Storm at Woking College 15:15 tip.

Squad -  A Bayliss (Capt) (2pts,3rbds),D Marshall(18pts,4rbds,10 ass),J Price(8pts,8rbds), R Johnson(8pts,2rbds), T Peters(8pts), D James(22pts,3rbds), C Mathema (3pts,8rbds), R Green(4pts,4rbds), Coach  - Damian Knode