Flyers Make the Gladiators Fight

RCT Gladiators 66 – 58  Flyers

Top of the league RCT Gladiators were hosted at Woking College, whilst the Gladiators are currently the league leaders the Flyers had no intention of making it easy for them and in the end, they had to dig deep to take the win.

Gladiators initially took control in the first quarter winning it 24:13 with the Flyers not able to contain the Gladiators prolific offense despite some controlled play in both offence and defence.

In the second quarter the Flyers were able to control to play with greater certainty and matched point for point the Gladiators play and drawing the quarter 18 points a piece however still leaving a 11 point deficit.

The third quarter resumed with the Flyers usual starting five of Knode , Green, Marshall, James and Price taking to the floor and they took control of the quarter stemming the Gladiator offence, which was contained to 4 points, whilst penetrating the Gladiators defense and sinking 14 points resulting in the lead being cut to a single point 45:46 at the quarters end.

With both teams fired up the final quarter was a battle royal, the Flyers continued their onslaught and tied the game 51:51 in the fourth minute  and again in the sixth minute at 52:52 all.  This stung the Gladiators who responded by pulling out a six point lead which the Flyers were unable to close despite their fanatical tactical play, finally succumbing to the 8 point loss 58:66

 Coach Knode whilst being disappointed at the defeat, which effectively will stop the Flyers progressing to the play-offs , was pleased with the teamwork and skill the squad exhibited, committing themselves to the game up to the last second.

Jeremy Nanton-Hamel, playing up from the under 18's, had a storming game claimed 6 points and 6 rebounds . MVP for the Flyers was Devon James with a double/double of 14 points and 13 rebounds. Top scorer with 17 points was player coach Damian Knode whilst point guard Dan Marshall claimed 8 points, 5 rebounds and endured and rebuffed the continued and unrelenting full court press of the Gladiators.

With three games left in the season the Flyers do not want to anticipate any further defeats.

Squad -  D Knode (player coach),D Marshall, J Price, R Johnson, A Bayliss(capt) T Peters, D James, C Mathema  , J Nanton Hamel, R Green