And the Storm Make Three Wins

Flyers 80 – 67 Bristol Storm

Although the Playoffs were out of reach, the Flyers had every intention of giving Bristol a demonstration of whom should have been taking the forth place in the league.  The Flyers achieved this with a commanding 13-point margin which continued their winning streak to three games despite missing power forward Jack Price and player Coach Knode being confirmed to the bench due to his fractured foot.From the tip, Bristol took the first offense but were unable to score, the Flyers gained possession and Captain Andre Bayliss sank the first basket closely followed by Rhys Johnson opening his own account.

Flyers take a Bite Out of the Sharks

Woking Blackhawk Flyers 73:63 Southampton Sharks

Game on for the penultimate home game of the season.  With the injured Coach Knode firmly consigned to the bench he was able to  give 110% to coaching the squad who by this stage of the season have become a tightly knit unit.


Flyers Make the Gladiators Fight

RCT Gladiators 66 – 58  Flyers

Top of the league RCT Gladiators were hosted at Woking College, whilst the Gladiators are currently the league leaders the Flyers had no intention of making it easy for them and in the end, they had to dig deep to take the win.


Flyers Take the Stealers

Oxford Stealers 55 – 61  Flyers

Player Coach Knode sent the Flyers to Oxford with the simple instruction – WIN- and that they did in a game which the Flyers never relinquished the lead.

 A foot injury picked up a couple of games previously was actually a fracture which will stop Knode from taking to the court for the remainder of the season. Knodes absence left a hole in the shooting resources of the squad ,  the squad as a whole stepped up and filled the gap.

Flyers Go stratospheric to Bring Down Swindon Shock on the Road

Swindon Shock 70:83 Woking Blackhawk Flyers

The elusive away win was a sweet well fought game which coach Knode proclaimed  'just might be the best game yet .' and  Captain Andre Bayliss reinforced stating 'it’s all down to discipline, when the ball is moved around, people play better, opportunities present themselves , we win games!!!'