Return to Play - Level 2 - Updated 30/08/20


In accordance with Basketball England guidance document, Return to Play Guidance document(RTP updated 24/08/20), which has been agreed with the Department of Media and Culture, Blackhawks will recommence Basketball activities as the Youth and Senior Committees consider appropriate and venues become available .

From the 4th August the Basketball England Response Level was generally moved to Level 2 which allowed team-based training on indoor courts, competitions behind closed doors and a maximum of 30 people within a venue.

Local variations in the Basketball England Response Level are being imposed to reflect localised infection ‘hotspots’.

In returning to Basketball the principle concern of the Club is the Health and safety of the Participants.

Basketball England Guidance can be access Club Members Covid-19 Risk Information

Personal and Household Risk

In deciding to recommence Basketball activities, in addition to the measures taken by the Club, the Individual should consider the associated risks.

All members should read  the Basketbal England document 'Club Members Covid-19 Risk Information' to ensure a informed decision to play is made

Club Covid Officer

The RTP document requires the Club to appoint a Club Covid-19 Officer who is responsible in ensuring the Club is compliant with the BE Covid-19 Guidance.  Martin Marshall has Agreed to act as the Club Covid-19 Officer, he can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Risk Assessments

The BE RTP document contains generic risk assessment for level 2, this has been reviewed and Level 2 Risk Assessment, Hazard and mitigation document has been developed.   

Pre-Session Screening

All players, coaches and officials entering a venue will be required to be screened for Covid Symptoms. The screening will require the player to read a screening sheet, confirm he/she does not have Covid-19 symptoms and that their core temperature ,taken using an infrared instrument, does not indicate temperature of 37.8oC or above. See this document for the screening questions, sheet and procedure

A  record of the screening will be kept, that will be accessible to the Covid-19 officer and will be deleted after three weeks. 

Training Session Structure 

 Coaches will structure sessions with players generally training in 'contained bubbles' , guidance is included within the RTP documents, extracts for Level 2 can be seen here. Coaches, Team managers in the venue not playing should wear face masks. It is not mandatory for players to wear masks.

Various Posters

Various Covid related posters for use in sessions are available here