Easy win vs. Shadows (83-62)

The team was determined to make ammends from last Tuesday's performance and they showed what they can do on the court. With JD orchestrating the offense and Pacey being a constant threat, the Hunters lead in Q1 by 20:10. The same effort in the second half and with 4 3pointers by Justas , Paice and 2 by Liu got the Hunters leading by 28 points at the end of the 1st half, 49-21.

A slow start in the second half and the customary "foot off the pedal" part of the Hunters game, along with some elementary errors brought the final difference to only 21 pts, 83-62. Some really good performances that stand out are Liutauras (Leo) with 9pts scored (2 x 3pointers) , Josh & Nick with 11 and 13pts scored respectively but the outstanding performance today was Paice with 31pts scored, 3 assists and 10 steals
Well done to all played.
Quarters: 20-10, 29-11, 19-18, 15-23