Woking Blackhawk Flyers 64 81 Bristol Storm


The last game of the season and it was left to the youngsters of the squad to host Bristol Storm – and for three quarters it was an enthralling battle that could have gone either way. Many of the senior players were unavailable due to travel , injury and other commitments.

Coach Green was left with little room for manoeuvre with only seven on the bench, however the seven that were playing played their hearts out.

Scoring started slowly with the score at level at 5 all after four minutes, Bristol then took a small lead which was then reversed. The intensity grew but the Flyers game stayed controlled using the plays they had come familiar with throughout the season. AT the end of the first quarter it appeared Storm would have a five point advantage which did not materialise as Nate Simpson sunk a buzzer busting three thrown up from the half way line

Quickly after two minutes of the second quarter Flyers took the lead which they then held to half way through the third quarter, and then at the end of the third there was only a five point deficit.

The first two minutes in the final quarter sealed the Flyers fate when they were hit with a scoring onslaught from Bristol Storms Ferguson for sank three 3' and four 2's in five minutes which effectively took the game out of the Flyers reach.

Nate Simpson not wanting his half time buzzer buster to be thought of as luck then repeated the feat with a three point from a mile out on the final buzzer.

Top scorer was Dan Marshall with 16 points to which he added 5 steals and 2 assists. MVP was Laurence James with 15 points and 6 rebounds

Its been a long season for the Flyers with 22 games and limited success however the squad has maintained its spirit and played with sportsmanship throughout the season.

Plans now start for the 2014-15 season J