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Woking Blackhawks Under 14 Boys

Woking Blackhawks U14 Boys will be playing in the South England National League and Surrey CVL and the Bracknell CVL this coming season. 


07thOctober: Woking Blackhawks 27 Tamaraws 59

Sunday saw the start of the Surrey CVL and the Blackhawks steered their season off with what turned out to be a fast paced and tricky game.

The first quarter started with the ball going from one end of the court to the other, before Woking gave away a foul and the Tamaraws scored one of their free throws and that set the game going with the Blackhawks scoring next, courtesy of Ferdie. It continued with the Tamaraws putting Woking under more pressure until Youssef scored from a rebound and eased it.

 A quick succession of baskets from the Tamaraws put them in front, with the quarter nearly over Jack managed to score and it finished 07-12 to the Tamaraws.

The second quarter started the same at first with a free throw awarded to Jai who scored one of the shots but then the Tamaraws really piled on the pressure and started to pass and score as Woking struggled to contain them. The quarter moved on and every missed pass was punished with a basket until Abdelrahman scored his first basket for the Blackhawks. The Tamaraws replied with six points until Federico scored a great basket from range.

Again, the reply from the Tamaraws was another brace of baskets!

Jack scored a basket for Woking but the Tamaraws were beginning to create a gap.

A late foul on Darragh was awarded right at the end but he was unable to add to the score so the quarter ended 14-30

With the Tamaraws now in control of the game, the third quarter was always going to be hard and so it was; the Tamaraws continued to score with nearly every attack and were soon comfortably pulling away, Jack and then Youssef scored with Ferdie suppling the assists and leading every attack into the opponents half and then scoring himself but in between that the Tamaraws scored twice. The quarter ended with Jack scoring again seconds before the buzzer. It ended 23- 46

The final quarter was going to be an uphill battle for Woking and it proved to be just that way, although the boys ran and battled for every ball, the Tamaraws were equally working hard and scored throughout the quarter winning rebounds and loose passes as Woking was tired.

Federico and Jai added to the score but by the time the final buzzer sounded the score was 27- 59

Although a big score there were some good individual displays with Thomas again having a great game in only his second ever start and Ferdie running from end to end the whole game and never stopping, Federico and Abdelrahman scoring their first baskets

MVP: Ferdie for his endless runs all game. Well done!

Team: Federico S, Lucas B, Ferdie W, Jai T, Youssef C, Jack V, Darragh M, Thomas R, Abdelrahman M.



Saturday 06th October 18: Woking Blackhawks U14 NL continue their win streak with a hard fought W against the Bucks Hornets


Aylesbury - The Blackhawk U14 National League squad picked up another W in their 2018/2019 campaign with a physical win on the road against the Bucks Hornets. 


The Hornets took an early 1st quarter lead 15-14 as Woking struggled to knock down shots and find its footing.  Early foul trouble further interrupted the pace of the game putting some offensive weapons on the bench and several Hornet points in the Woking basket from the charity stripe. 


In the second quarter Woking began to separate as shooters and scorers found their groove. Shots started to fall putting Woking up 21 to the Hornets 13 leaving the Blackhawks up 35-28 after two.  Noah and Henry continued to find good baskets in the open court while Max took advantage of open looks on half court sets.